Listen to Sophia Jansson read ‘The Fir Tree.’

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The fir tree illustrationGet into the holiday spirit by listening to Sophia Jansson read ‘The Fir Tree.’

‘Mamma, wake up,’ Moomintroll said anxiously. ‘Something’s on. They call it Christmas.’ - Tales from Moominvalley (1962).

Get ready for a new Moomin tradition this holiday season! Learn how the Moomins discover Christmas for the first time by listening to Sophia Jansson read "The Fir Tree," a famous Christmas story by her aunt, Tove Jansson. The story is part of the collection of short stories 'Tales from Moominvalley' (1962).

In Finland, folk can tune in to hear Tove Jansson herself reading this story on Christmas Eve on the radio. And now, you can enjoy it in English too! Could this become a much-cherished Christmas tradition for you too?

In this story, the Moomins are awakened from winter slumber to the chaos of Christmas preparations. But what is Christmas, and why is everyone so worked up?

The fir tree illustration 

Tove Jansson's story is funny, satirical, and warm—ideal for getting into the Christmas spirit and reflecting on its true meaning. Watch Sophia Jansson read "The Fir Tree" in English with Tove's original illustrations in this video.


If you would like to read it for yourself, you can grab a copy of 'Tales from Moominvalley' here.