Moomin Arabia’s 2023 Winter Collection

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Moomin Sliding arabia winter seasonal 2023Moomin Arabia’s 2023 Winter Collection Continues With A Racy Winter Sports Theme.

The new Moomin Arabia 2023 winter collection, Sliding features a spirited wintry atmosphere with a competitive streak! This winter collection seamlessly continues the narrative and pastel colour palette from 2022’s winter collection. Comprising of a Mug and Bowl, it will be available on the 6th of October.

 Winter Mug Sliding

Continuing Where We Left Off In 2022 Winter Wonders

The new collection picks up where the previous one left off, featuring not only the beloved Moomin characters along side Mr Brisk, the over enthusiastic winter sports fanatic, but also two lesser-known characters from the Moomin comics.

The illustrations are from Tove Jansson’s comic Moomin’s Winter Follies, which first appeared in 1955 and take their inspiration from the part of the story where the Moomins open the Moominvalley Winter Games. 

Moomins Winter JolliesFrom the comic Moomin’s Winter Follies (1955)


Sliding mug both sides

Moomin winter jollies
From the comic Moomin’s Winter Follies (1955)

Mymble, harbouring a crush on Mr.Brisk, decides to impress him with her Skiing skills, and trains day and night to do so. Her efforts backfire when she inevitably wins the Skiing race, leaving Mr. Brisk very unhappy! In order to sooth him, the others let him win in a snowball fight against the walrus Edward.

Upon learning the truth from Stinky about his arranged victory, Mr. Brisk seeks revenge by challenging Edward to a bobsleigh race. When the hill collapses under Edward's weight, they decide to switch to a thrilling ice-skating race. Eventually, Edward grows weary of these activities and returns to his home in the North Pole

 Sliding Bowl 

Featuring a Lesser-Known Character and a newcomer too!

On the dish, the illustrations show a variety of characters all going down hill in their own unique style. While Moomintroll opts for Skis, Moominpappa decides to slide down on his belly. 

 Moomin winter jolliesFrom the comic Moomin’s Winter Follies (1955)

Observing the race is a little dark furry creature called Shadow who has a strong resemblance to Sniff! Shadow often appears in the Moomin comics as a helpful supporting character, and has already been featured in the 2008 winter Seasonal collection, Winter Bonfire.

The snowy hill scene continues on the other side of the bowl, with walrus Edward’s first appearance on a Moomin dish, showing his intense bobsleighing race with Mr. Brisk. 

Sliding mug

Continuing the Pastel Colour Scheme.

Designed by Tove Slotte, this year's collection features the same soft pastel hues as the winter 2022 Winter Wonders seasonal dishes, with a pale pink sky and light blue clouds. This makes the Sliding mug and bowl a perfect match to Winter Wonders and they would combine to make a delightful table setting.

Available for a limited time from 6th October 2023 the Sliding collection includes a mug (0.3 l) and a bowl (15 cm). The design is from the beloved Teema tableware series by Kaj Franck.

The new tableware will be available for a limited time from 6th October 2023 until stock lasts.