How to Read like the Moomins

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Moomin reading

As Read Hour approaches, we thought we would put together a little guide on how to read like different Moomin characters! Which style best suits you?


Snufkin: Choose a book that brings you joy and inspires you to live in the moment!

Snufkin is a carefree wanderer with a philosophical outlook who takes pleasure in the simple things. A Snufkin-like approach to reading is probably quite laid back. No deadlines, pressures or planning! Just grab a book that feels inspiring and meaningful in this very moment in time. And don’t be afraid to let your mind wander! Who knows what interesting places it might take you?


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MOOMINMAMMA: Share the enjoyment with others!

Moominmamma is the heart of the Moomin family. She is gentle and nurturing, and has a special talent for making sure everyone, whether guest or family member, feels welcomed, loved and appreciated just as they are!

She is a natural at bringing everyone together, believing that sharing in an experience can double the enjoyment.

A Moominmamma-like approach to reading would be to start a Book club, or maybe lend the book to someone so you can talk it through with a friend. Sharing thoughts and ideas on what you are reading can help give you a different perspective, deepening and enriching your experience in surprising ways.



Moominpappa: Jot down your thoughts!

Moominpappa is an avid reader and takes great pleasure in relaxing in his hammock with a glass of whiskey, a good book and his thoughts. He considers himself a deep thinker, often spending time pondering life’s big issues and keeping notes on his ideas. He is a talented writer, having written his very own book, ‘The memoirs of Moominpappa’.

So, a Moominpappa inspired way of reading books will definitely involve making notes of what you are reading, highlighting special sentences, and keeping a record of your observations and ideas! Let the book educate, enlighten and inspire you. Keeping a record of your journey means you will never forget what you’ve learnt, and who knows, it might lead you to write a book of your very own!

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The Muskrat

The Muskrat: Find some peace and quiet!

The Muskrat it a very hairy, very serious philosopher. He likes spending time by himself, undisturbed, reading his favourite book ‘The Uselessness of Everything’. You will find him in his usual spot, the Moomin family’s hammock, or (when he finds the chaos of the Moominhouse too distracting) in Sniff’s cave relaxing and reading in peace. 

If you want to read in Muskrat style, find a perfectly peaceful spot and relax with some philosophical books! Whether its on the sofa, in bed, in the garden, or a cosy corner, just make sure its peaceful, quiet and you can forget all about the world outside!

We hope you have found some inspiration in the many different ways to delight in reading and writing. Whichever your style, whether it's like Snufkin, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, The Muskrat or your very own unique way, just remember to enjoy, and read books!

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