Ready, Steady, Bake a Moominous Cake!

  • 2 min read
Autumn is rolling in and with it comes baking season! Why not make it a Moominous one?
It’s that time of year where baking is on the brain, and how can one resist the delightful smells of freshly baked goodies. Fancy organising a Moomin-themed Bake off?
Take a look at our Moominous baking tools! Pop an apron on and get ready to delight the culinary senses. What will you make? A cake, some cookies, a saucy pud? Or will it be that firm favourite in Moominvalley, Pancakes! 


Moomin baking tools, measuring cups, cookie cutters and spatulas


First things first, a master baker needs a worthy apron and a perfect pair of oven mitts! Check out our Moominous selection here.

moomin apron and oven mitts hung up


Lets move on to the cooking fun. Start off with these cute measuring cups, pour your ingredients into a Moominous bowl and get your hands stuck into the doughy goodness! 

Moomin mixing bowls, measuring cups and spatulas


To make baking a true delight, you need a trusty Spatula by your side. These silicone scraper spatulas are not just adorable, but multi functional. A perfect tool for mixing your ingredients, cutting your dough up into pieces, cleaning the sides of your bowl off and that all important baking tradition, licking the mixing spoon clean after!

Jug full of moomin spatulas among baking tools


The perfect cookie can really come to life with these amazing Moomin-themed cookie cutters. You could also use them to shape icing and even make your pancakes look like your favourite characters from Moominvalley!

Moomin Groke cookie cutter on dough


And then we come to the grand finale! Serving up your delicious bakes! We have a Moominous selection of paper napkins, stunning cutting boards to display your goodies on and who can resist the fancy touch a cake server brings? 

Moomin love cutting board, napkins and tray displaying cakes

All that's left is to sit back with family and friends and enjoy your delicious sweet treats!


cake on a platter with Moomin gold cake server

Enjoy ❤️


Ready, steady, BAKE!