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Welcome the neurotic Mrs Fillyjonk to the Skultuna Moomin Family!

An awaited character that is often described as an anxious stickler for cleanliness and routine.

The Fillyjonks like order and discipline. They become panicked if things get muddled up and frustrated if others don’t behave to their liking. They share an obsession with keeping their homes spotlessly clean, and it often takes a crisis to set them free of their long lists of chores! 

Mrs Fillyjonk wears a neat red dress and a matching red hat with a little bobble on the end, and her three children wear identical matching red outfits. She is often seen carrying a handbag and umbrella. (You won’t catch her unprepared for bad weather, as she’ll no doubt have been worrying about it before leaving home.)

In general, fillyjonks are fastidious about their houses and spend much of their time dusting, scrubbing, sweeping, washing, and polishing. They are horrified by insects of all sorts – worms, caterpillars, moths, and especially nasty carpet beetles who chomp through nice fillyjonk clothes with their little jaws.

Fillyjonks tend to own a lot of knick-knacks, such as small mirrors, photographs framed in red velvet and little shells, china kittens and Hemulens resting on pieces of crochet work, very small vases and Mymble-shaped tea cosies – ‘all sorts of things that make life more easy and less dangerous’.

Material: Gold plated 316L high grade steel

Dimensions: 8.2 cm

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