The Moomin’s Day 2023 mug journeys to the Finnish archipelago

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Moomin's day mug 2023 Arabia

In celebration of Moomin's Day on 9th August, Arabia is set to release a limited edition Moomin's Day mug. This charming mug is based on Tove Jansson's novel, 'Moominpappa at Sea,’ from 1965 and features beloved characters Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, and Little My, all set against a picturesque shoreline that captures the essence of the island themes significant in many of the Moomin stories. 

To mark Moomin's Day this August, Arabia will introduce the new Moomin's Day mug named ‘Sea Breeze.’ This year, the launch will be even more noteworthy with the release of a rare limited edition platinum version of the mug called ‘Sea Breeze Platinum,’ commemorating Arabia's remarkable150th anniversary! 


Moomin Mug 'sea breeze'

The Moomin’s Day Mug, ‘Sea Breeze’ will be available to buy on the 9th of August from all official Moomin Shops online and in store, with a purchase limit of 6 mugs per customer. The platinum edition however, will be exclusively obtainable through a raffle to be held in June. (More details to follow.)

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Island Life with the Moomins

The design of the mug draws inspiration from Tove Jansson’s second-to-last Moomin Novel, ‘Moominpappa at sea’ where the Moomin family leave their familiar home in Moominvalley and embark on a journey to a lighthouse island. Moominpappa, feeling a sense of restlessness and yearning for adventure, believes that living on the isolated island will bring him a renewed sense of purpose. 

The design of the mug is not only connected to 'Moominpappa at Sea', but also to Tove Jansson's own memories of summers spent in the beautiful Swedish and Finnish archipelago. Her family villa and the surrounding valley served as inspiration for both the Moominhouse and Moominvalley. The archipelago lifestyle symbolised freedom for Tove Jansson, a theme that resonates in this year's Moomin's Day mug illustration.

An illustrated moomin wreath on letter

The illustrations adorning this mug were adapted from Jansson’s drawings on the writing paper she used to answer her fans, adding a special touch. The mug's design was created by Tove Slotte, who has been adapting Tove Jansson's original illustrations for the Moomin mugs for over 30 years! She retired this year, marking her 100th Moomin mug design with this year's Moomin's Day mug.

Moomin's Day mug 2023

The mug showcases a stunning windswept islet scene adorned with ink-blue illustrations of wild roses, violets, spiny sea buckthorns, and seashells against a pristine white background, and comes in an elegant gift box adorned with those same beautiful illustrations. 

Moomin's day Mug presentation box

Arabia’s 150th Anniversary!

In celebration of Arabia's momentous 150th anniversary, the renowned and esteemed Finnish brand released a rare platinum version of the Mug.

This extraordinary edition, called "Sea Breeze Platinum," consisted of only 5000 pieces and was obtainable exclusively through a raffle. 

The platinum-plated horseshoe and oar details adorning the mug are applied by hand, and each mug features an exclusive platinum Arabia 150th anniversary stamp and item number on its base.

Moomin mug 2023 Moomin's day

The raffle was open on Arabia’s website 7.-13.6.2023, and has now closed. The mug is not available for purchase online or in physical stores – it was only available by entering and winning the raffle.


When will the sale start and how many mugs will be sold?

The sale will start on Wednesday Morning, the 9th of August, 2023 at 06.00 am British Summer Time. There will be a limited batch of mugs, which will be sold as long as stock last, so it is important to set your alarm in order to not miss out.

Is there any limitation on how many mugs I can buy?

We are limiting the purchase quantity to 6 mugs per customer, in order to give as many people a chance of securing a mug.

Is it likely the mugs will be sold out immediately?

The mugs will be sold as for as long as the stock lasts. It is not possible to give an estimation on the availability, but the stock is very limited and there won't be any additional stock after this campaign.

Will the mug be reserved for me when I add it to the cart?

No, items added to the cart in the Moomin online shop are not reserved. The item is only reserved for you after checkout. 


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