Cozee x Moomin

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Cozee x Moomin: Comfort with a purpose

In the heart of comfort and warmth, Cozee offers more than just cosy loungewear – they’re committed to making a positive impact in the world. Cozee's latest Moomin collection not only brings joy to comfort lovers around the world, but contributes to gender equality and a more inclusive global economy. Read more about Cozee’s mission in this blog, and order your Moomin Cozee today!

Cozee and Moomin align in their desire to provide comfort and joy to people around the world. The various Moomin characters in Tove Jansson’s stories, known for their warmth, friendliness and quirkiness, blend seamlessly with the wearable blankets bringing cosiness into every household. 

Cozee founder, Mouddar Kouli, explains the brand’s journey.


How did you come about creating these products?

After the success of our other brand,, in providing more jobs to more Syrian women, we decided to start a new brand because the equation was simple: the more products we sell, the more women we can train and hire. So after a short period of research, we thought, why not take what we're good at, producing hoodies, and implement it on this warm fabric to make an oversized hoodie that suits our Scandinavian market.

Where in the world are your products the most popular?

From long and short-sleeved wearable blankets to poncho towels for the beach, adorned by various patterns and colours, Cozees are extremely popular in Sweden, Finland, the UK and other European countries. 

And why do you think your products are so popular?

Firstly, the fact that they keep you warm in harsh winter and cosy in other seasons with our Egyptian cotton products.

Secondly, our collaborations with popular characters like Moomin which make our designs fun to wear and less likely to get boring.

Thirdly, and just as importantly, the fact that we ensure all our products are made of top-quality materials and top-quality stitching, as they are handmade with love. 

Why did you choose to collaborate with Moomin and why do you think the Moomin stories resonate with people around the world?

The stories always convey a message of love and tolerance. Always speaking to the goodness and well-intentioned instincts of people no matter their ethnicity or background. They're also really fun to watch and make you feel adventurous, which is a very inspiring combination.

Do you have a favourite Moomin character? If so, which one, and why?

I personally like Snork, such a helpful and talented character. He never refuses to help others and even finds joy in doing so. Something most Syrians can relate to! 

Moomin cozeeThe new collection includes designs with Fillyjonk, Snorkmaiden, The Groke, Hattifatteners and a wintry Moomintroll. The Moomin illustrations in the new collection breathe life into the beloved characters, adding a touch of childlike joy. From Moomintroll's adventures to Fillyjonk’s orderly spirit, each piece can be picked out to represent one’s personality or mood.

Social Responsibility at the core

Cozee’s production goes beyond aesthetics and cosy feelings. The brand has a robust social responsibility scheme that aims to help displaced women in crisis areas, such as Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, connecting them and their handicrafts to international markets.

How does your responsibility scheme work?

It's simple, we believe in opportunity and not charity. It all started with our mum in Damascus, Syria. She started gathering women who had endured hardship because of the conflict in Syria, loosing all sources of support and income, and began training them as professional tailors. My brother and I wanted to help out so we started our first brand,, in order to give them more jobs to do. It started with 26 women and now we have 46 women working for us, who are able to support their families from their well earned and deserved salaries.

By choosing Cozee, you're not just embracing cosiness; you're actively participating in an initiative that contributes to the greater good.

New additions to the Cozee x Moomin collection are available now. Whether you are all about Snorkmaiden, Snufkin or the Groke, you can choose your favourite from all the different characters and find your perfect comfort match. And don’t forget, there are matching slippers too!

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